Dear Friends,

Let me share a story with you. Standing in our bedroom is my soul mate, holding our soon to be adopted daughter. With love in her big brown eyes, she reaches up for him to hold her. He gently picks her up and carries her around while he continues to get ready for the day. She looks at him and then softly places her curly little head on his shoulder. The moment captured eternally in my memory, making my heart flutter. 

While this sweet moment is happening, the sounds of laughter echo through the halls of our home as our two boys are playing wildly with Legos; building and destroying to their hearts content. My husband takes our daughter into the room and my boys immediately stop what they are doing to love and hug on thier

baby sister. She smiles brightly as she looks up to the three men she adores madly. Her big, toothy grin, with her chubby little cheeks grows wider each day, as the love grows bigger in her heart at these men who will lead her through life. 

I share this moment with you because my job is to be a storyteller. I capture the intimate moments of your life; ones you can look back on together as life moves on. These moments frozen in time, always to be reflected upon, waiting for you to say, "Remember this?"

Will you let me be your storyteller?

xo, Lisa

A Few of our Favorite Things

A beautiful sunset view of the Smokey Mountains in Gatlinburg, TN
A mother holding tightly to her child | Photo Credit: Heather Butler Photography
A gorgeous night image of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France